Media Makers NYC takes great pride in our ability to attract, recruit, and develop world-class talent. Our internship program, comprised of rising juniors and seniors in college, exemplifies our commitment to premier talent acquisition, and it provides our own internal aspiring talent the opportunity to recruit students from across the globe and leverage their experience to benefit both personal and professional growth. With an extensive list of functional areas to choose from including marketing, promotion, sales, videography, and digital editing the program is designed to help students find their niche.

The internship program is intended to be educational, inspirational, and purposeful. All interns are mentored by the company’s CEO to ensure a quality level of learning for our interns and exposure to supervisory experience. At the end of the program interns should have a significant list of accomplishments to add to their resume and set them apart from other candidates in their field. Historically, our interns have benefited from a program that is educational for both parties: for the interns to gain experience that makes them real-world ready, and for Media Makers NYC to gain relevant feedback on our program.






Dwenne Saindory



My name is Dwenne Saindory, I am currently a senior at CUNY York College studying towards a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in business marketing, expecting to graduate in December of 2016. This past May, career services at York College recommended I intern with Media makers NYC. I was fortunate enough to meet with Mike Baril for an internship opportunity, following our meeting I was offered an intern position and it has been a life-changing opportunity.

While interning with Mike I’ve been fortunate enough to learn more about both photography and videography. I have accompanied Mike to many of his productions, one of which was commercial regarding gun violence. I was able to learn and analyze all the techniques that brought a commercial together. Not only did it feel amazing knowing I would be apart of my very first commercial; I also felt very righteous, knowing once this commercial was broadcasted, I would have an influence on someone’s mindset, while saving the life of another.

I was also able to accompany Mike to the Blitz event at Stage 48. This was an amazing experience. I was able to meet with many celebrities such as Fantasia, Lloyd, Desiignier, and many more. I worked behind the scenes to capture footage of both the artists and the entire event. I was also able to network with other photographers and videographers. While interning with Mike I have experienced so much in such a short time span, that I am even more excited to see what’s the next step in my career. I am forever thankful for both Mike and career services for allowing me to take part in interning for the spectacular media makers NYC.






McAlexander Cinceron


My internship at Experience with Media Maker has taught me more than I could have imagined. As the media marketing Intern, I feel my duties were diverse and ever-changing. Very few college students know what they want to do, and it is something that is simply not worth worrying about. I have grown as a person but also on a professional level as well. My experience at Media Maker went beyond being a normal intern. Mr. Baril made me part of the overall team, giving me an enormous number of responsibilities and projects to do.

Mike Baril founder of Media Maker, came to the school to interviewed me. He made me understand that I would be fit for his company and I will benefit greatly from the internship. I found my internship to be rewarding, fulfilling, and challenging. For me, it was enjoyable to participate my skills. I enjoy many aspects of the production process from start to finish activities such as shooting, editing photos, and editing documentary footage.

I realized that collaboration and cooperation are things which are absolutely crucial to production work happening. Media production is definitely a group effort. Having social and communication skills are just as important as having production skills. If a person cannot get along well with others, that person will have a short-lived and likely unfulfilling career in media production.

Therefore, my internship at the production studio has personal and professional implications for me. I certainly enjoyed my experience there, which influences the trajectory of my study and my plans after graduation.




Andrew Foster

A wise man once told me you to get where you want in life you have to be smart. To my knowledge that went without saying, however in the way which it was broken down is what will impact me & my work ethic forever.

In being smart, you have to be “Specific” in everything you do. In being smart, you have to be “Measurable” with your goals. In being smart, you have to establish what is “Attainable” from your position. In being smart you have to be “Realistic” with yourself and those around you. The last key to success would be to be “Timely” in every fashion.
With the help of Media Makers NYC & interning for Mike Baril I have been given so many outlets to get to where I want to be in the field I am interested in. Beyond just working, a relationship and bond was formed working as a part of the media makers team. Assuming the position as a mentee, under Mr. Baril I have learned & gotten into the habit of doing follow ups with clients, and establishing a network that keeps on moving forward.
All in months time while working with Media Makers, I have been plugged in with the Brooklyn Nets for multiple events. I have done charity events speaking to the youth on many topics, such as music, & a future in school. I have assisted in the film and production of commercials for the city university York College. Working with Media Makers, it has gone beyond technical & hands on learning experiences, where great principles & a better mindset has been implemented into my daily life. In result, I have a revolving network of business varying with different clients & a lifelong bond with an amazing experienced veteran in the game.